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Kirsten Seto

M.S., SLP (C), Registered SK

Owner & Speech-Language Pathologist (Children Age 2-10)

Hello! I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist, but still a child at heart! I truly believe in the power of learning through play and having fun, which is part of the reason I love my career! Working closely with families allows me to provide quality services while creating strong relationships with everyone involved.

Both my undergraduate and graduate degrees were completed at Minot State University. After graduating, I worked in Calgary, Alberta in the schools and started my private practice. I have now moved back to Saskatoon, SK, where I am originally from and am so excited the practice has expanded to both cities! I am available to provide in person services to clients in Saskatoon and online services for children across Saskatchewan and Alberta! 

While I’m not wearing my SLP hat, I am a new mom to my son, I enjoy baking, spending time with my family, staying active, and of course, watching Netflix!

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Reagan Van Teeling

Speech-Language Pathologist (for all ages)

Hello! There are so many things I love about being a speech pathologist, but my favorite is helping my clients communicate with their friends and family in everyday moments! I believe everyone deserves to have a voice.

I completed my undergrad degree at Minot State University and my master’s at St. Cloud State University. I grew up on the beautiful plains of Manitoba but after graduating, I moved to Penticton, B.C briefly and then settled here in Calgary. I have experience working in private practice, home and community, and school settings. I have worked with clients aged 2 to 82! I love using play-based therapy strategies to help my clients achieve their speech and language goals. Creating meaningful relationships with my clients and their families is important to me and my practice!

Outside of being an SLP, I love hiking, hot yoga, baking, watching curling, and hanging with my friends and family! 

Stephani Poirier

Speech-Language Pathologist (for all ages)

Hi! I love being a Speech-Language Pathologist because I believe everyone deserves the ability to communicate, and I enjoy being part of that process. I love that I get to use both science and creativity every day!
I am a native Calgarian and went to the University of Calgary for undergrad, then to the University of Montana for graduate school. I have experience with both kids and adults, and enjoy working with both populations! I love working with clients and families towards their goals for themselves or their children. I use a play-based strategy with children and believe a strong therapeutic relationship is paramount to successful therapy!
Outside of being an SLP, I love to play soccer, watch hockey (Go Flames!), read, and enjoy anything Disney or Harry potter!

Emily Gore-Hickman

Speech-Language Pathologist (Children of All ages)

Hello, lovely to meet you! 

One of my favourite parts of being a Speech-Language Pathologist is experiencing firsthand how rewarding social connections are and how powerful all forms of communication can be!  I truly believe we all have the ability to communicate and express ourselves in our own unique ways. I grew up in Calgary, completed my undergraduate degree in Kelowna, and completed my Master of Speech Pathology degree in Australia.  I love the sun and warm weather, and I am thrilled to be back in sunny Calgary!

Most of my experience as an SLP includes working with young children in homes, the community, and in schools.  I feel so lucky that I get to help support all these wonderful little kiddos and their amazing families. I place a lot of importance on building relationships with my clients, empowering them, and celebrating even the smallest successes!

When I’m not working, you can usually find me on vacation somewhere warm, or waterskiing at my cabin.  I love to sing, spend time with my family, curl up with a good book, and binge watch Netflix!

Chloe Hoffer

Speech-Language Pathologist (all ages)


I knew I wanted to be a Speech-Language Pathologist after seeing my younger sister and brother both go through speech therapy at a young age. I saw the incredible positive impact that occurred for both my siblings, as well as for our whole family. I knew then that I wanted to be able to help make that impact for clients and their families as well! I am passionate about using play-based therapy to help children with their speech, language, and communication skills. 

 I completed my undergrad degree at the University of Calgary and my graduate degree at the University of Alberta. I am originally from Calgary, and I decided to move back after completing my graduate degree to be closer to family.

 In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends/family, baking, and hiking in the beautiful mountains! 

Breanna Wieler

Speech-Language Pathologist (for All ages)

Hi, nice to meet you!

I am so passionate about Speech-Language Pathology because I have seen the huge impact it can have on individuals in so many different ways. I also went to a speech-language pathologist (SLP) when I was younger and remember how much fun I had. But, I also recall how frustrating it was when I couldn’t successfully share what I wanted to. I am overjoyed to now be in the position to empower others to find their voice like an SLP helped me find mine. Celebrating the small wins and creating a safe and fun environment are aspects that are very important to me and my practice.

I grew up in a very small town called Laird, Saskatchewan, and completed my Bachelor’s of Communication Disorders and Masters in Speech-Language Pathology from Minot State University. I completed my practicum in Airdrie and Calgary, AB, and now am excited to begin my career here as well. I truly adore every population and am grateful to be in a career where I can do it all!

Outside of being a speech-language pathologist, I love to play the guitar and sing, watch hockey and enjoy the outdoors! Being from Sask, I am still amazed by the mountains here in Alberta!

Andrea Seibel

Speech-Language Pathologist (adults)

Hey there! I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist who loves working with individuals to ensure everyone has a voice!

I am from Lethbridge, AB, and have lived around the province, but I am finally back in the beautiful city of Calgary! I have a diploma of Theatre Arts from MacEwan University, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Lethbridge, and a Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Alberta.

Through my background of singing, I have developed a love and knowledge of the voice in different capacities. Since graduating in 2019 I have been working with adults with voice, swallowing and communication concerns. I aim to make therapy functional for adults to feel confident and comfortable  in their every day lives!

When I’m not working, I like being active, spending time with friends and family, and watching FRIENDS on repeat!

Erica Walsh

Speech-Language Pathologist (Children of All ages)


I am a bilingual SLP and am pleased to offer services in English and French!

I completed my undergraduate degree in french language at the University of Alberta-Campus Saint Jean while playing for the Pandas volleyball team. I then completed my master’s at the University of Ottawa. I am passionate about play based therapy that focuses on functional speech, language and communication goals. I’m so thankful for a career that combines my love for language and my passion for helping others achieve their goals. It is truly a pleasure to work with children and their parents! 

In my free time, I enjoy lifting weights, hiking, and spending time with my family. 

Madison Lyall

Speech-Language Pathologist (children of all ages)

Hello! I’m a Speech-Language Pathologist who loves supporting children and families with their speech, language and communication goals. I place an emphasis on developing relationships, meeting children where they are at in their communication journey, and making therapy fun and engaging! 
I completed my undergraduate degree at Minot State University and my master’s degree at The University of Texas at El Paso. Following university, I moved home to Manitoba to work for a year before venturing out to Alberta where I’ve lived and practiced as a Speech-Language Pathologist for the past four years. I have experience working in early intervention and with school-aged children. 
In my free time, I enjoy travelling, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.  

Katie Martin

Speech-Language Pathologist (Children of All ages)

Hello! For me, the best part about being a Speech-Language Pathologist is combining my knowledge of speech and language with my clients’ personal goals. I love learning about the interests of my clients and building them into my sessions to make therapy more meaningful, engaging, and fun!

I completed my Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Calgary and worked in management consulting for a short time before switching gears to follow my passion for helping people communicate. I attended graduate school at the University of Alberta and have worked with clients of all ages.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me chasing my three little ones around or escaping to the mountains.

Kate Dole

Speech-Language Pathologist (all ages)

Hello there!

I am so fortunate to be a member of this rewarding profession. Communication is more than sharing ideas, it is the foundation of connection. It has been a privilege to support and grow alongside my clients as they advance in their communication skills and develop meaningful connections with others.

I grew up in rural BC and moved to Alberta to obtain my undergraduate degree in Linguistics at the University of Calgary and my Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Alberta. I have experience working with all age groups and have a love for learning that I enjoy sharing with others.

In my free time, I enjoy making memories with my family, baking, photography, creating art, and working on home projects. 

Paige Harris

Speech-Language Pathologist (for All ages)

My passion is to help children be heard and understood. My treatment philosophies include empathy, building resilience, and celebrating all the successes no matter how big or small. Children play to learn and I find joy immersing myself in their worlds.
I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics with a Concentration in Speech-Language Sciences at the University of Calgary, then I worked with preschool aged children as a developmental aide for 4 years. Once I completed my Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Utah, I lived and worked in Utah for about 3 years. I then made the decision to move back home to Calgary to be closer to family. 
You can find me exploring the beautiful Alberta outdoors with my little family when I am not working. I enjoy hiking, camping, walking, ice skating, jogging, and pretty much all things outside. 

Ashley Dalsgaard

Speech-Language Pathologist (all ages)

Hello! I love being a Speech-Language Pathologist and enjoy working on all areas of communication. I have a special interest in supporting the use and understanding of language though symbols, or Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

I completed my my undergraduate and graduate degrees at Minot State University and have spent my career working with children ages two to six here in Alberta. I am a big believer in play-based therapy and find so much value in working with families to help their children work towards their speech and language goals!

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with friends, family, and pets, taking care of my many plants, and going on hikes!

Jennica Sedmak

Speech-Language Pathologist (for All ages)

Hi there! 
I love being a Speech-Language Pathologist because it allows me to make a difference in so many lives, and a truly feel grateful to be part of a rewarding field that advocates for and empowers individuals! 
I completed my undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of British Columbia, and my Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Alberta. I was born and raised in sunny Kelowna, BC, and excited for what the future holds for me in Calgary! I love working with people of all ages, and feel so fortunate to be able to help foster clients’ success and achievement of their goals. I value a client-centered approach to therapy, working collaboratively, and building strong relationships with clients and their families to ensure therapy is fun and adapted specifically to the wants and needs of each individual client. 
My favourite things to do in my free time include creating art, reading, taking care of plants, and teaching my dog new tricks!

Katherine Gerke

Speech-Language Pathologist (all ages)


As a speech-language pathologist, I am so thankful to do work that I find meaningful and enjoyable: supporting children, youth, and adults in reaching their communication goals and getting to solve the fascinating puzzles that communication brings! I have a special interest in speech, language, and literacy concerns, and the interactions between them.

I grew up here in Calgary, completed my undergraduate degree in linguistics at the University of Calgary, and went on to complete my Master’s of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Alberta. I then worked as a school SLP with students in preschool through grade 12 before making the switch to private practice. I believe that learning happens best when you are curious, engaged and having fun, and strive to model and facilitate this approach in my sessions.

When I am not doing SLP-related activities, I am likely with friends or family in our local Rocky Mountains, enjoying hiking, backcountry camping, cross-country skiing, paddleboarding, climbing, or cooking over the fire.

Our Saskatchewan Team

We are ready to serve you

Christina Beck

Speech-Language Pathologist (for all ages)

Born and raised in Saskatoon, SK, I am thrilled to be serving my community in Saskatoon! I hold a Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Minot State University, Minot, ND. I am a registered and licensed member of the Saskatchewan Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (SASLPA) and have my Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA).

I have a passion for working with young children and have a particular interest in early intervention for treatment of language delays and articulation/phonological disorders. My clinical experiences include working with individuals of all ages in daycares, outpatient clinics, long term care facilities, and acute care hospitals. 

When I’m not working, I love to be outdoors, going to the lake, baking, spending time with my family, and playing with my dog!

Delaney Chaykowski

Speech-Language Pathologist (for all ages)

Hello there!

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist who is passionate about my profession and truly feel it is a calling. Being an SLP is rewarding in so many ways and I enjoy being able to communicate with families, helping clients communicate and meet their goals, and being able to have fun and play while at work! 

I grew up on a farm outside of Riverhurst, Saskatchewan and originally went into teaching after receiving my Bachelor of Education from the University of Regina. While I loved teaching, I always craved more one-on-one time with students and had always dreamed of going back to school to be an SLP. I completed my Masters of Communication Sciences from the University of Alberta and I have worked in both private practice and school settings with paediatric and adult clients. 

I recently became the proud mama to my one year old daughter, Emily. When I’m not busy chasing her around, I enjoy hanging upside down at aerial classes, spending time woodworking with my husband, getting outside, or curling up with my two cats Abigail and Charlie!

Taryn Moe

Provisional Speech-language pathologist. REGISTERED SK (ages 5+)


I am originally from the Prince Albert area and I am happy to be back!!

I have a special interest in autism, deaf and hard of hearing, and AAC. As a new professional, I am excited to learn and grow from my clients! 

Our Admin Team

Paige Bautz

Administrative Assistant

Paige is a single mother who has sole custody of a little girl, Presley. Paige is an advocate for disabled and neurodivergent individuals since Presley’s diagnoses of Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy and Autism. In 2022, Paige published “Me, You, and the NICU” a children’s book about a child’s start to their life in the NICU. Characters included in the book are based off of individuals at JPCH in Saskatoon who supported Paige and Presley when she was a preemie in 2019. Paige currently supports NICU families at JPCH with her “Gift a NICU” box initiative that gives NICU families a copy of her book, a “Sophia Rayne by Paige” onesie, a NICU letter and sentimental gifts. 
Paige is a substitute teacher, as well as, marketing manager for their family farm marketing “Black Roads Ranch” and “She Can Boutique TOO.” Paige resides in Saskatchewan with her daughter, Presley, and her pup, Arlo.  

Speech Therapy Services In Saskatoon and Calgary

It’s a Speech Thing offers a customized solution for children and adults throughout Saskatoon and the surrounding areas. We are able to support you through in-person sessions in your home or online speech therapy to make it easy to attend sessions from the comfort of your own home. Children and adults enjoy interacting with our trained adult and children's speech pathologists to support speech and language development. Our children's speech therapy is geared to engage children of all ages through play-based interactions to ensure fun and learning at the same time! We also work in collaboration with other professionals involved in your child's life, providing a comprehensive and integrated approach to speech and language development across all settings.

We are also available to provide speech therapy sessions in Calgary and surrounding areas. It’s a Speech Thing offers both children and adult speech therapy. We are here to support all ages in our community! Our online speech therapy sessions are perfect for those in Calgary as well as in the surrounding areas and across the province. Without the need to travel, scheduling is streamlined and simple for families. Online sessions with our speech pathologist are easy to attend when you are in the comfort of your own home. It is also less stressful for people of any age and creates a positive environment to work on language and speech development.
We also are available to coordinate and collaborate with teachers, therapists, medical doctors, and therapists to provide integrated services for sustained progress.