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Frequently Asked Questions


Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Where will therapy take place?

There are options for the location of therapy:

1. In your home. Our SLPs can come to you! A mileage fee may be applied and will be determined prior to scheduling your first appointment.

2. Some of our SLPs have home offices. In Calgary, the home office is located in Seton SE, Calgary. In Saskatoon, we have an option of a home office location in the North and South.

3. Online. This is a great way to access therapy during COVID-19 and for those in remote locations. If you are more comfortable with online sessions, we are here to support you!

Do you support PUF or FSCD contracts?

We can definitely provide an assessment to help your child qualify for PUF programs in Calgary, AB.

We also support FSCD contracts. All of our SLPs are able to work with FSCD, however, please note our rate is slightly higher than FSCD reimburses

How often will we need to have sessions?

This is completely dependent on many factors. After an initial meeting with your SLP, you will determine a plan together. Most of our sessions are weekly or bi-weekly, but there are exceptions for those wanting more or less frequent sessions. We are able to work with you and your schedule!

How long are sessions?

Our in-person sessions are 1 hour in length. This allows for direct therapy, parent coaching and end-of session follow up for home activities and strategies. Our online sessions are available for 1 hour or 30 minute sessions.

Do you take insurance or direct bill?

We do not direct bill, however, after receiving payment we provide you with a receipt to which you can submit to your insurance provider. Most extended health plans provide an allowance for speech and language services. We recommend you check with your insurance provider!

Now serving Alberta & Saskatchewan

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